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Log: Godric and Salazar

Who: Godric and Salazar
Where: Salazar's room
When: ...Now.
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Hm. Two men kissing and loving.
Summary: Set after Godric's brief meeting with reality. Salazar's... apology.
Status: Complete

Salazar would calmly finish discussing the text, close the book and look up at Godric. "Are you hurt?" No inflection, he doesn't give away what he means, he simply asks.

Godric would assume that he's talking about his hand and answer, "It's nothing. Think more about yourself."

"I always do." again, neutral tone, though he's watching Godric quite closely.

"Then believe me when I say it's nothing." Godric doesn't look at Salazar as he speaks, seeming to study the cover of the book he's holding instead.

There is silence for a brief while, then Salazar shakes his head, almost smiling. "You are a terrible liar, dearthair."

"I think I'm quite good, actually. Only you can tell sometimes." He glances at Salazar.

Salazar just looks at him, eyes wide and pale, even in the firelight. Then he leans forward and curls slender fingers around the back of Godric's neck, pressing their lips together.

Godric gasps softly, and almost leans back, but stops, his eyes fluttering shut. He leans in closer finally, cupping Salazar's cheek with his injured hand.

Salazar makes no sound, but leans into the kiss, deepening it slowly and otherwise keeping quite still. His hand on Godric's neck is light, the touch almost cool.

Godric runs his thumb over Salazar's cheek and makes a soft sound, his other arm moving to wrap around Salazar's body.

Again, Salazar gives no reaction, other than to smile a little against Godric's lips. After a moment, he draws back, the only sign that he is affected the stain of colour in his cheeks, and looks Godric in the eyes.

"What was that for?" he whispers, looking back into Salazar's eyes to try and see what he's thinking.

The elusive hint of a smile lingers, and Salazar doesn't withdraw his hand, but curls his fingers into Godric's hair. His voice is low and quiet, with little inflection. "You said you missed it."

"I didn't think you would act upon it," Godric says quietly, stroking his cheek again as he speaks.

"You were wrong," Salazar replies simply. He makes no aknowledgement of the touch, but remains still and seemingly at ease.

"I apologise for not giving you the space you needed," Godric says after a moment, his head tilting. His eyes flicker to his hand before looking into Salazar's eyes again.

"Don't be sorry." Something sparks briefly in Salazar's eyes and his hand in Godric's hair tightens slightly. "Be better."

"It's not as if I don't try. Every day," he replies, his hand moving down to touch the cool skin of his neck.

"Then do away with your regret," Salazar replies smoothly, "it is singularly unhelpful." He shifts a little, tilting his head slightly to accomodate the touch.

"I just want you to be happy," Godric says, his voice lowering again. "If that is without me, then so be it."

There is a breath where he simply stares at Godric. Then Salazar narrows his eyes and his voice sharpens. "Cease this childishness, Godric. I cannot believe Helga is quite as detrimental as this to your abillity to think."

Godric doesn't react immediately, his cheeks coloring just a bit. "I love you, brother. You are so important to me, and sometimes I will admit that I don't think because of this importance. You understand." He smiles sheepishly, cupping his cheek again. "And leave Helga alone."

Rather than colouring, Salazar goes pale at the soft words, his stillness taking on a careful, deliberate quality, as if he was concealing some debillitating pain. His hand in Godric's hair loosens, slides down to rest over his heart, sharp nails digging in a little.

"You should never let your sentiments for me withhold you from your path to enlightenment. That would be a graver sin than not feeling at all.”

"It is how I am," Godric answers, noticing the change right away. The arm around Salazar tightens and he pulls him close enough so that the tips of their noses are touching. "You were always there. I want you to still be here with me. Even on that path."

A slight shiver in his breath is all that betrays Salazar's reaction. He keeps his hand pressed against Gdric's chest, almost as if he would push him away. "I am here," he answer, lower now, "but there may come a time when you will not wish me to be."

"Then until that time comes...if it does at all, you're staying with me," Godric says, his voice taking on a firmness that dares Salazar to question him.

A slow, careful breath, and just like that Salazar relaxes, closing his eyes and leaning into Godric, the rigid tension in his body melting under the stronger man's touch. "I am tired," he whispers.

"Then it is time for bed," Godric murmurs, his other arm sliding around the other man's body. "Do you want me to stay with you?"

Salazar lets himself slump, knowing Godric will hold him, and leans his head on the other's shoulder. He still has his eyes closed. "Yes," he replies quietly, only then realising how true it is. "Guard my dreams, Godric, as you used to."

Godric turns and easily lifts Salazar, gently placing him on the bed. "Of course I will," he whispers, pulling the covers back and urging him to lay down.

Salazar doesn't open his eyes, but allows Godric to push him down, keeping contact by closing his fingers around the other man's wrist. Another breath, and he relaxes, weariness and the remnants of pain weighing heavily on his senses.

"Dearthair." he whispers, almost too softly to be heard, and lets go of consciousness.
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