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Log: Helga and Godric

Who: Helga and Godric
Where: Her sitting room
When: Afternoon, the day after this log.
Rating: G
Summary: Godric pays Helga a visit.
Status: Complete

Godric knocks on the door to Helga's room, standing to the side as he waits for a reply.

"Come in," Helga calls, setting aside the castle plans that she has been examining. It can only be Godric; neither Salazar nor Rowena generally bother with knocking.

Godric opens the door and walks inside, a small smile on his face as he breathes in that distinct scent of Helga. "Helga," he greets, nodding towards her.

"Have a seat," Helga says, motioning him in the direction of one of the overstuffed chairs that dominate her sitting room. "You are feeling more yourself today, I hope," she says gently.

Godric takes the seat gratefully, easily getting comfortable. "I apologise for both of our actions over the past few days, Helga," he says, smiling at her.

Helga waves this off. "There is no need," she assures him, "I daresay I have become used to it. It is hardly the first time, Godric, and I sincerely doubt it will be the last. I take it the pair of you are once more on speaking terms."

"Speaking terms, yes. And this what I like about you, Helga," Godric says, with an air of admiration in his voice. "You have such patience."

Helga only smiles. "Someone here must, Godric."

"I'm glad that someone is you," Godric replies, smiling again. "And what have you been up to?"

"Rowena has been drawing up changes to the plans for the castle. Again," Helga adds, gesturing at the rolls of parchment on the table beside her. "I have been looking them over."

Godric stands up and walks over to the rolls, eyeing them curiously. "What else could she have possibly changed," he murmurs.

Helga picks up a sheet of parchment and uncurls it. "She wants the floor plan to be ever-changing, essentially," Helga says. "Of course, I've no idea why she wants that, but I doubt I would understand her reasoning even if she deigned to explain it."

Godric looks over the parchment, nodding a little. "I hardly understand most of what she tells me, so you're not alone."

"It would require some extraordinarily complex magic," Helga says, "though of course, that's likely why it appeals to her."

Godric shrugs, glancing at Helga for a moment. "Might be interesting to do, actually."

"Interesting, yes." She is studying the parchment again, looking at the notes in Rowena's distinctive slanting penmanship. "Salazar will be all for it, of course."

Godric grins, thinking of Salazar's reaction once he hears. "Can't wait now." He taps his finger on the table, glancing at his hand and remembering why he came to Helga's room in the first place. "Helga, you wouldn't happen to have any bandages around here?"

"Of course. What have you done now?" she asks him. It is an oft-repeated question.

"Oh, it's nothing, really..." Godric answers, holding his hand out for her.

Helga catches his hand in hers and clicks her tongue at him scoldingly. "How did you do that?" she asks, and summons both a bandage and a small jar of healing salve from the next room.

"I...ran into a tree," Godric says after a moment, smiling at her.

"Godric," says, and starts spreading salve over the cuts. "Injuring yourself is not remotely productive, you know." A pause. "No matter what Rowena seems to think," Helga adds as an afterthought.

"I don't know what Rowena thinks, so don't think I'm really listening to her," Godric explains, watching her fingers. "I won't do it again."

"You will," Helga says with a sigh, and starts bandaging his hand. "Really, Godric."

"You have to agree with me when I say it's better than hitting someone else, right?" Godric says, raising an eyebrow.

"You might try not hitting anything," Helga replied mildly, and ties off the bandage. "There."

"I'd like to yell, but that tends to bother people," Godric says, holding his hand up and examining the bandage. "Thank you, Helga." He steps close and leans in to kiss her cheek lightly.

"You are most welcome," she answers, and presses a quick kiss to his cheek in return. "Do try not to hurt yourself again too quickly."

"I'll try." He kisses her cheek again before stepping back. "For you," he adds. Godric smiles at her before glancing to the door. "I must be off again. I have a few things to do myself."

"I shall not keep you," Helga says, smiling softly. "Have a pleasant day."

"You as well." Godric nods at her before turning and opening the door, leaving quietly.
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